Top Ten 2014 Releases I Meant To Read But Didn't Get To

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1. The Pact by Karina Halle
Okay, this book was only released a few weeks ago, but it's done really well, gotten on all kinds of best seller lists already (yay KH, congrats!!) It's at the top of my TBR!

2. Come to Me Quietly by A.L. Jackson
This book has been on my TBR since it came out (a year ago) but it's one of those I just haven't had the chance to get to, which sucks because I've heard awesome things about it. This book will be read before 2015 is over!

3. Darkness and Smiley by Laurann Dohner
These two books were on another list of mine, but I still haven't read them! Shame on me. I've been waiting for Darkness' book for what feels like forever, and SMILEY everybody's favorite primate species! Ugh, I can't believe I still haven't read either of these. I will get to it. THIS MONTH.

4. Sugar Rush by Belle Aurora
What's wrong with me? I love this series, and after devouring the first three books in this series I was so freaking happy when this released, and I did read the first three chapters I think. And I loved it but I set it down and haven't picked it back up yet. I will, I need to finish Max and Helena's story!

5. The Deep End of the Sea by Heather Lyons
This is another book that I started and loved but set down and haven't gotten back to. I mean, mythology, medusa, what more could you ask for?

6. Tied by Emma Chase
*ducks* I know I don't have any excuse as to why I haven't read this book yet other than I don't want this series to end. I won't read it until I'm ready to let these characters go, which may be never! So there!

7. Indebted by Pepper Winters
I haven't read any of the books yet in this series because I suck at waiting. And Pepper has said there will be 6 (I think) books in all and I just don't think my heart can take the wait in-between books! The first two book are waiting on my e-reader for me, so when the final book is published, I'm going to dive in and binge-read the lot of them!

8. Losing Control and Taking Control by Jen Frederick
"Kelly, what's wrong with you? You haven't read these books? We can't be friends." is what I imagine people will be saying to me. I love Jen Frederick. I've read all of her books besides these! Why you ask? I don't have a good answer. Other than I was waiting for the second book to come out before I started (it's a two book series). But now that they're both out, what excuse do I have? None. Okay, I'll go read these now :D

9. Burned by Tara Sivec
Well I love Tara's Chocolate Lovers series and her Chocoholics series and her Playing with Fire series and her Fool Me Once series, OKAY I love everything Tara writes so it's a no brainer that I'll read her Ignite series (the second book Branded was just released!)

10. Wicked by Jennifer L. Armentrout
I'm a total JLA fangirl. I've read all of her stuff and when I found out she was writing a NA PNR? devoured this book yet? It was only released last month! Give a girl a break!

So, these are my top ten 2014 releases I meant to read but didn't get to, what are yours?

**for the record I've purchased all of these books and they're sitting on my TBR shelf with puppy dog eyes waiting to be read**

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