February Favorites

I read 32 books in the month of February (go me!) and these were the stand outs—

1. Mr. Bossy by Danika Dare (aka R.K. Lilley)
This was a short novella but don't let the page count fool you—this was 90 pages of pure filth and I loved every word. I hope R.K. Lilley writes more books under this pen name!

2. Guilty Pleasures by Kitty Thomas
Wow. Kitty Thomas books are dark and they mind-fuck the hell outta you. But I couldn't stop until I read them all. I'll never be the same!

3. The Edge Series by Megan Crane
I just discovered this series and holy shit. I'm totally in love. Dystopian Vikings? SIGN ME UP. I binged the first three and Wulf's book comes out March 7. You better believe I pre-ordered that shit.

4. Her Touch by Alexa Riley
If you love Alexa Riley books then you will love Her Touch. It's my favorite book by them in a while and you get a bonus book in the back! 

5. Ashwin by Kit Rocha
I read an ARC of this book and fell. in. love. I knew I was gonna fall in love with Ashwin but you guys, this book is amazing! Look out for my review on release day (March 7)!

6. Eternal Ecstasy by Setta Jay
This was the final (waaaah) book in the Guardians of the Realms series and I loved Sirena and Hroarr's story. This is one of my all-time favorite PNR series and I'm so sad to say goodbye to the guardians. 

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